Saturday, February 9, 2013

Found My Camera !

I really thought I would never find my tiny camera in my gigantic studio,  but it magically appeared this morning.  So I downloaded the photos in it and  here are a few more pictures of my tea towel quilt...My next move will be some applique on the green section under the tea towel.  The snow is still drifting down a bit, but the power is working and the house is toasty.  A good day for some hand sewing, as long as the cats let me alone for a bit.

The wind was howling all night here so no one got much sleep.  There is snow blown up to about four feet outside my door.  I think I'll wait until tomorrow before I venture out.  I am pretty well mortared in here until the snowplow guy comes to my rescue,  I imagine he's very busy today.

I have to make some made fabric blocks,  I did make stripy ones for this quilt, but I am inspired by all the lovely ones at Fifteen Minutes of Play.

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