Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Tea Towel Challenge

Okay,  so here is my tea towel that I chose to participate in the Tea Towel Challenge at Fifteen Minutes of Play,  Victoria Findlay Wolfe's site.   I thought this would be a nice soothing activity for the F month and we are supposed to post our progress as we go along  so I added a tiny red border and put some leftover blocks and the lumpiest windmill block ever around and took another picture....

I decided maybe I wanted to add a sawtooth border so I laid that out and took a picture, tried a couple other arrangements, and then lost my camera cord.  I've been adding borders and bits all over the place, and now I've lost my camera and the quilt top is about 80 x 100 inches. I haven't had this much fun quilting all by myself in a long time.   If ever I discover the camera I will put up a shot of the completed top.  Go take a look at all the ones posted on Victoria's site,  they are so wonderful,  and have lots of pictures to look at.

It is very cold here again, I have five quilts on my bed at the moment and a couple ancient wool blankets,  the good thing about that is once I have managed to get myself wedged under the covers I can't move and generally manage to sleep for several hours.  I dream of organizing my sewing studio, and finding my camera.

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