Monday, February 25, 2013

More F month Hi-jinks

I know it isn't just that it is the f month,  but somehow yesterday I touched something on my computer and managed to totally screw up everything on it.  My daughter deigned to wrestle with it for a couple of hours,  she restored it,  but almost all of my picture files have moved into the nether regions .  Oh well,  I probably could use a clean slate.  Today I did manage to get the final tiny border put on my gigantic tea towel quilt for the Bumblebeans challenge.  It is such a treat to see all the different things people come up with,  wonderfully creative.

We got some more snow last night,  just enough to make a horrendous trap in my driveway,  which is carefully arranged to cause any car coming uphill on it to veer off into the cedars or the hemlock hedge,  or the puckerbrush.  There is a pond next to my house as well,  but no one has managed to get a car in there yet.   Today my son got my ancient van stuck in the ditch at the end of the driveway, but no sooner had he got the shovel out someone pulled in next to him and helped get him out of the ditch.  That is one of the things I love about Maine, someone will always stop to pull you out of the ditch.  We're not the most chatty kind of neighbors.  Years ago I lived in a little town very close to where I live now and I went to a local dairy farm to get a Christmas tree.  The farmer helped me get the tree tied to the roof racks, he wasn't sure I'd make it home and offered to find a bit more rope to bind the tree. I told him it wasn't a problem,  I just lived two roads down.  He said , " Now how come I don't know you?" I told him I'd only lived there for ten years,  and he smiled and said "Well that explains it."

I think I'm going to try one of those 36 patch trip around the world quilts I've seen on several blogs,  the one on the Nifty Quilts blog that is such a beautiful collection of reds is still reverberating in my brain.

Well, I'm blathering.  I better go see if the bread is ready to come out of the oven.  I'll leave you with a photo of my daughter's cats, Pyewacket and Rasputina,  sisters from Jackman, Maine up near the Canadian border.  My favorite town is near by,  Misery Gore.  There is also Misery Knob and Misery Plantation, but MIsery Gore always sounds to me like the perfect setting for every novel Stephen King has ever written.  Of course Jackman has inhabitants,  Misery Gore has none.  My favorite place in Jackman is the motel that is also a game butcher's shop and a taxidermy service.  My daughter lived in Jackman for a couple of years.  She told me that the town motto should read: If you don't drink, now would be a great time to start.  It is located in a beautiful spot on the Wolf River,  way off the beaten path.  Right, time to stop ...

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